Tour Guide Spotlight – Georgia Tesch

G’day, Welcome back.

Now that you’ve had a taste of what SEIT Outback Australia can show you, I’d like to introduce you to our amazing team one by one.

To give you the chance to hear their stories. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Without these ladies and gentlemen SEIT wouldn’t be able to survive.

This guide we knew was going to be a big part of the family from the minute she rang the bosses early one morning and we gave instructions on how to break into her house.

SEIT Outback Tours

Best memories at Kata Tjuta. Photo: Georgia Tesch


“One of my best memories from working out here is from a few months back. I was standing between the domes of Kata Tjuta while it was pouring down with rain. Low cloud covered the tops of the domes and all the rain meant the waterfalls were cascading down the walls. My group was already saturated but the smiles on their faces showed that they really didn’t care.

As we regrouped and headed back towards the car park, I kept looking back, watching as the sight we witnessed disappeared before my eyes. The waterfalls became trickles, and the low cloud started to lift, revealing more of the domes. As we reached the bottom there was another group approaching the domes, looking up, taking photos of all the low cloud having no idea how suddenly the view had changed.


SEIT Outback Tours

Smiles all round for guides Gary and Georgia. Photo: Georgia Tesch


That feeling, knowing my group and I were lucky enough to be in the right place at exactly the right time is something that will stay with me forever.

This is one of Georgia Tesch’s most memorable tours whilst living in Central Australia.

The decision to move to Central Australia wasn’t something that had been carefully planned. She was an Aussie, working hard in hospitality, on the other side of the world, in Ireland, and like most of us, decided it was time for a change. A simple google search for tour guiding jobs in Australia bought up a seek ad requiring a guide in for the Northern Territory with SEIT Outback Australia. One click and she had applied for the position. Things happened very quickly after that and within 2 months she was packing up her little Ireland life, heading back home to Brisbane, packing more, and continuing her journey to Yulara to start the next adventure.


Central Australia

The border of SA/NT and the red sand


Upping life and moving to the desert wasn’t the scariest part though. Generally, the fear of going to a new place so far away from any comfort zones is a terrifying thought, however there’s always that fear of public speaking.  Even as a tour guide it takes a fair bit of nerve to get up in front of a group and lead a tour. To not only have the knowledge and confidence to get the job done but to do it and manage to express the awe and wonder felt for this area is a task Georgia is now more willing than ever to accomplish.

“There are just too many to name, but if I had to decide it would be between SEIT Mt Conner and SEIT Uluru Trek.” This was her response when asked about her favourite tour.

SEIT Uluru Trek. There is so much time and so much to talk about. As you walk the 12kms around the base you really get the chance to know each individual passenger. Its great getting to know them and be able to target bits of information at different people. It really makes the tour.”


uluru kata tjuta

On tour with Alex, Georgia and a few of her guests. Photo: Lucy Tesch.


The Mt Conner tour provides me with the freedom to drive around Curtin Springs without a worry. I can tailor the tour to suit the guests on-board and focus on their interests and things I think they will enjoy more. Getting behind the wheel and going off-road is also another bonus. There are so many challenges when it comes to facing sand dunes and everyone loves a good ‘we had to dig the bus out’ story. Tours like this one make for a very memorable experience.


uluru ayres rock

After 17 months of working out here meeting so many people from so many different walks of life from all over the world the one thing Georgia says is if you haven’t been to visit Uluru yet, well you should stop putting it off. Just do it.

There is so much more out here than just a big red rock. Come and visit. Leave here with new experiences and the understanding of how important this place is to so many people.

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