About Our Team

Team Leaders

Debbie – Operations Manager / Reservations

Garry – Operations Manager / Guide


Sarah – Private Charter Manager

Annette – Accounts

Monica – Marketing & Sales Manager

Karyn – Reservations consultant

Tour Guide Team

  • Sara Walter

  • Erica

  • Charlotte Gibert

  • Dana Brierley

  • Ryan Jones

  • Ellie Williamson

  • Lucy Yao

  • Julia Zuech

  • Giorgia Quercioli

  • Sebastian Van Der Hallen

  • Camille Iltache

  • John Alderson

  • Mike Krelshem

  • Alex Antonucci

  • Dan Smolenaers

  • Gary Stevens (younger Gary)

  • Sammy Wilson (Uluru)

  • Emilie Langohr

The SEIT Outback Australia team come from all walks of life and around the globe, but all have one thing in common: a love and passion for all aspects of outback culture and history.
SEIT Outback Australia is based in the outback, at Ayers Rock Resort itself.
All of our professional guides are hand-picked and are passionate about the culture, history and the environment found in the Red Centre. Each guide is culturally aware and highly knowledgeable, and brings something unique to your tour. Our guides speak a variety of languages, including, French, Italian, Spanish, and German.


  • Have a great passion for this remarkable region
  • Are highly professional
  • Are well educated and have a passion for culture, history and the environment
  • Are extensively experienced in the Red Centre
  • Are culturally aware and highly knowledgeable
  • Love to share their knowledge and all things Central Australian

To learn more about our guides please visit our Facebook page photo album.